Shift is an international event that gathers digital leaders for a 2 days conferences, talks and networking. By taking in consideration digital is constantly accelerating, changing and reshaping the world, Shift focuses its marketing positionning on the distruption, the digital revolution. The event targets young leaders, start-up entrepreners and anyone wishing being inspired by new ideas and business positionnements.

The website contains 3 main pages: The homepage that introducing Shift, the events page displaying a world map with the Shift upcoming events, and the selected event page (here Toronto) giving all the details about the event, the speakers, the location, the sponsors, etc....

The preominent red color, the diagonal stripes and the star remind the "revolutionary" style. The blue is included here to tends the design to a digital and contemporary feeling. Icons have been designed with a red star as a base, and add an aspect fun and young.